Central Florida's Best Instructional Chess Program

OSOTA Chess in partnership with Orlando Chess Academy is a fluid opportunity for chess players across Central Florida to grow in chess. We strive to help shape a unique chess identity and to provide turning point resources and progressive opportunities as our players' abilities change & skill levels improve. 

Grades K- 12. 4 Levels of Chess Instruction: True Beginner - Advanced. Two Tracks: Competitive and Recreational.

Get Ready for a Movin' and Shakin' Summer!

OSOTA CHESS Summer Camps are an incredible time for friendships and chess discovery. Kids play chess, and learn  more about the game through interactive experiences, trivia, challenges, and fun tournaments. The camp is framed by age groups so younger kids will be with younger kids, and older kids will be with older kids. While some instruction is involved, chess players spend the week learning through play. All coaches have the experience and knowledge to support any level from true beginner up through advanced.

Stay tuned connect to our Facebook Page for a detailed schedule. 


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*Capacity: 50 Campers. *Last Day of Registration: June 15, 2018.

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**Weekly Chess Club Ends May 29th and will reopen in Fall 2018.**

After School Chess Club Registration

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  • Spring Semester: March 27th - May 29th (payment due by March 20th)

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Choosing The Right Fit

Beginner Chess

  • Beginners are taught the basics such as piece names, development, and opening moves.

  • The Beginner Chess Club is designed for students who are new to the game of chess. Students will learn the basic rules of the game and play chess against their peers to develop their familiarity with the game.

Intermediate Chess I and II

  • Intermediate I players are introduced to tactics, and further their skill in opening moves
  • Intermediate II players break off from Intermediate 1 and explore more challenging tactics and deepen their confidence on the board.
  • The Intermediate chess club is structured for students who are already comfortable with the rules of the game and have a desire to further develop their chess skills. Students will focus on learning and applying tactical patterns and basic opening principles to their games. They will also play chess with their peers in a structured environment (aside from learning, playing time is a crucial aspect of improvement in chess). 

  • All Intermediate students are encouraged to compete in Orlando Chess and Games'  monthly scholastic chess tournaments to gain experience in competition.

Advanced Chess

  •  Advanced players may enroll in a more rigorous program.
  • The Advanced class is structured for students who want to further strengthen their chess skills. Focuses of this class include building opening repertoires, improving tactical vision, and learning must-know endgames. 

    All Advanced students are encouraged to compete in our monthly scholastic chess tournaments to gain experience in competition.


Chess Club Rates

50% off Sibling Discounts are available. Refunds are not available for missed days. If there is a normal cancellation, families will be contacted via email within 48 hours. Emergency 24 hours.  


  • Chess Club - Beginner // Spring Semester $54
  • Chess Club - Intermediate I and II //   Spring Semester $72
  • Chess Club - Advanced //  Spring Semester $90


  • Chess Club - Beginner // Spring Semester $80
  • Chess Club - Intermediate I and II//   Spring Semester $90
  • Chess Club - Advanced // Spring Semester $108

Awards and Achievements

 2018 State Scholastic Championship
 2018 State Scholastic Championship

2018 Florida State Champions

We had players in 1st grade - 12th grade compete, and we walked away with amazing stories -- including 44 individual wins, 3 team trophies in 2nd, 3rd, and 4th place, as well as 1st place individual.

 2017 National Scholastic Chess Championships in Orlando. More than half of our competitive team had successful games and won at least one round. 

  • Avery K -  1st place for Unrated Section
  • David R. -  2nd place for his 800 - 1000 section
  • Caleb H. - 3rd place for Unrated Section
  • Andrew T. -  1st place for Blitz Chess



Orlando Chess Academy + OSOTA Chess


2017-2018 OSOTA CHESS + OCA


2017 Florida State  Champions

K-3  Divison Second Place

K- 5 Division 4th Place

K -8 Division 5th Place


2017 Competitive Team

K-12 National Scholastic Championships

Orlando Florida

2017 Competitive Team 

Florida State Scholastic Championships 

Orlando, FL. 


2016 Competitive Team

Fl. State Scholastic Championships

Orlando, Fl. 


December 2014

K -12 National Scholastic Chess Championships