[Did you know it is estimated that 65% of jobs that will exist in the next 15 years have not even been created yet?]

[Are your
children being
prepared for the future?]

Schools are notorious for killing creativity and ignoring talent.  Here at OSOTA we agree
with Sir Ken Robinson that creativity is just as important as literacy. 

The goals of education for so long have been conformity and me-focused linear thinking. Ironically, to truly be successful in life you have to unlearn much of what is taught from traditional schools.  Here at OSOTA, we build a foundation for LIFE. The only cookie
cutters we use are in culinary class. 

We believe that the creator of the universe wants us to be creative, ask questions and
bring out the best in each other.  In this sort of environment you find scholars yearning
to learn more! 

Walking through our halls you can tangibly feel the inspiration and love in the air.  
It is oxygen for the soul and spirit. 

INNOVATE.CREATE.COLLABORATE is the foundational pedagogy for our school.
One School believes in the power of doing.