4 Day Chess Camp 

July 17th - 20th 

One School of the Arts + Orlando Chess Academy

// Beginner - Advanced //


2017 Florida State  Champions

K-3  Divison Second Place

K- 5 Division 4th Place

K -8 Division 5th Place


David R. 

 K- 8 Division - 1st Place

2016 USCF National Scholastic Championship

Nashville, TN.

Andrew. T

Top 10 Player in the State

2017 Florida State Scholastic Championship


2016 Competitive Team

Fl. State Scholastic Championships

Orlando, Fl. 

2017 Competitive Team 

Florida State Scholastic Championships 

Orlando, FL. 


Summer Camp


Orlando Chess Academy + OSOTA Chess

Weekly Chess Club Information

After-School Chess:  OSOTA offers a chess club experience to grades K-12 students on Tuesday afternoons from 3:30 - 4:30 (Beginners) and 4:00 - 5:15 ( Intermediate and Advanced). Chess players will be picked up together at the release of school. Different club levels are supported by our scholastic partnership with [OCA] Orlando Chess Academy, conveniently on campus. 

  • Beginners are taught the basics such as piece names, development, and opening moves.
  • Intermediate are introduced to tactics, and furthering their knowledge of the basics of chess.
  •  Advanced players may enroll in a more rigorous program.


  • Chess Club - Beginner // $25 per month
  • Chess Club - Intermediate // $40 per month
  • Chess Club - Advanced // $48 per month

For more information, please contact radorno@oneschool.net

Please download and sign the waiver for new families. 

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Chess at OSOTA has its own heartbeat. Scholars play scholars. Teachers play teachers. Scholars play teachers. There is always a chess game happening on campus, with plenty of competitive spirit to be found.

OSOTA Chess, our weekly chess club, provides a one-of-a-kind, three-level chess program where scholars and chess players from across Central Florida can play other kids their own age, and learn the necessary skills to compete regularly at local competitions, state, and national competitions. 

OSOTA Chess is a fluid opportunity for chess families,promising to help shape a unique chess identity and to grow as scholars' abilities change, especially through our partnership with Orlando Chess Academy

We are a USCF affilliated club, and we strive to ensure all players have USCF ranking. 


Mrs. Adorno runs the OSOTA Chess Club which has been meeting Tuesdays after school since 2015. The club meets for a weekly combination of chess training and structured practice games, and has an annual goal to take teams of scholars to the Florida State Scholastic Championship and the USCF's K-12 National Scholastic Grade Championships held in December of each year.

We simply love to play chess. Chess, even in the serious tournaments we play, is absolutely fun.

Chess Players

We welcome school age chess players from around the community, and will determine if they are a good fit for our three-level program.

Our players are motivated, kind, encouraging, and possess tremendous character, which is part of the unique educational approach of One School of the Arts.

We have a growing group of 20 players, and great coaches, including chess director, Rhonda Adorno, tournament coach, Mr. Teddy Rodriguez, Mr. Kevin Sibbitt, Camille, and Brandon from Orlando Chess Academy, and Daniel Glidewell who each provide additional instruction for our one-of-kind, three chess program. 

Chess Club

OSOTA Chess is open to beginner, intermediate and advanced chess players of all ages. Chess club provides a technical training in chess while keeping the focus on the game, the fun, the skills, and etiquette required for tournament level playing. We are a certified United States Chess Federation Club.

Our focus as a club is to educate, equip, and encourage scholars to play in tournaments to strengthen their chess skills, and improve their USCF chess ranking. Additionally, each year, we desire to take a group of scholars to compete at the USCF's K-12 National Scholastic Grade Championships held  at the end of the year.

Our most confident and skillful players are invited to compete at Nationals while developing players may compete at local tournaments sponsored by OCA. 

Summer Camp 2016
Intermediate Chess

Chess Club

Fall 2017 Early Interest

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2017 Summer Camp Information

OSOTA Chess and Orlando Chess Academy will a hold 4 day summer camp this year! 

Dates: July 17th - 20th

Time: 8:30 am - 1: 00 pm

Location: One School of the Arts

                   1675 Dixon Road, Longwood, Fl. 32765

Rooms: 208, 209, 210

  • Beginners learn the basics of chess including pieces, strategy, and opening moves. 
  • Intermediate will focus on opening, middle, and end games. 
  • Advanced will go in depth with opening moves, and middle and end games. 

Campers will learn new tactics, play on our outside chess boards, have round robin competitions, play bug house, and other chess games, as well as develop new friendships. 

For more information and to register through Orlando Chess Academy, click here.