First Quarter Honor Roll

 Honor Roll Award Celebrations are on Monday, November 13th.  

Elementary Scholars

Elementary scholars will be honored in 1st - 5th grade by a special celebration from 8:30am-10:25am.  Parents are invited to join us for this special chapel service and to watch your scholars receive their awards, and then visit together outdoors at the playground while enjoying light refreshments.  Please RSVP by Friday, November 10th if you will be in attendance. 

Please confirm that your scholar is listed below before placing your RSVP for the Honor Roll Award Celebration.
*For space accommodations we request a 2-person RSVP limit per family, please. 
(Not including scholars in the Honor Roll).

Middle School and High School Scholars

Middle and High Scholars will be honored by a celebratory chapel service and award ceremony from 1:20pm- 2:20pm, where parents are invited to attend.  MS/HS scholars will also be having a private party with school administrators in the afternoon.  No RSVP is necessary. 

Principal's List - A Honor Roll

1st Grade   Amy Rossique
1st Grade   Bryson Howard
1st Grade   Christopher Kenny
1st Grade   Clark Barber
1st Grade   Deborah Waisanen
1st Grade   Lauren Polozola
1st Grade   Leah Alvarez
1st Grade   Lucia Sanchez
1st Grade   Luciana Mannina-Ferraro
1st Grade   Lyric Glenny
1st Grade   Miriam Frohlich
1st Grade   Selah Alford
1st Grade   Ty Webb
2nd Grade  Blake Metcalf
2nd Grade  Brady Turner
2nd Grade  Brooklynn Roberts
2nd Grade  Cadence Payne
2nd Grade  Caleb Pagan
2nd Grade  Camila Lopez
2nd Grade  Colton Tiansay
2nd Grade  Delaney Manson
2nd Grade  Dylan Elderkin
2nd Grade  Elizabeth Turner
2nd Grade  Esther Patterson
2nd Grade  Hudson Hernandez
2nd Grade  Isaiah Ballantyne
2nd Grade  Jayden Blevins
2nd Grade  Jeremiah Arroyo
2nd Grade  Kyla Worthington
2nd Grade  Kyra Del Rio
2nd Grade  Mackenzie Reed
2nd Grade  Nathan Huckabee
2nd Grade  Nathaniel Alderman
2nd Grade  Piper Zapp
2nd Grade  Raigan Caldwell
2nd Grade  Soraiah Adorno
2nd Grade  William Harrison
3rd Grade   Abigail Sowers
3rd Grade   Anna Brown
3rd Grade   Grace Briscoe
3rd Grade   Harlie Hesketh
3rd Grade   Isabella Morales
3rd Grade   Joyzamar Rivera-Salazar
3rd Grade   Keira Kenny
3rd Grade   Kylee Thompson
3rd Grade   Macie Hubler
3rd Grade   Nathanael Rice
3rd Grade   Richard Mompoint
3rd Grade   Vaughn VanDyck
4th Grade   Alyssa Ochoa
4th Grade   Brandon Greaver
4th Grade   Brianna Eshliman
4th Grade   Caleb Kushner
4th Grade   Carolyn LaMie
4th Grade   Charlotte Yeagley
4th Grade   Ciera Garber
4th Grade   Delaney Holt
4th Grade   Essynce Scott
4th Grade   Ivey Gray
4th Grade   Jotham Williams
4th Grade   Matthew Rapchinski
4th Grade   Noah Miller
4th Grade   Salma Ramchi
4th Grade   Shane Kitchen
4th Grade   Tatyana Perez
4th Grade   Tristan Speciale
5th Grade   Addison Sowers
5th Grade   Amber Blevins
5th Grade   AnnaSophia Greciano
5th Grade   Ava Dunscomb
5th Grade   Ava Wilson
5th Grade   Caitlyn Polozola
5th Grade   Chloe Romaniello
5th Grade    Hadassah Frohlich
5th Grade   Jael Rice
5th Grade   Kyle Huckabee
5th Grade   Luis Pirela
5th Grade   Samantha Minton
5th Grade   Seth Gordon
5th Grade   Victoria Alvarado
6th Grade   Ariella Allen
6th Grade   Bianca Lee
6th Grade   Georgia Baker
6th Grade   Jadyn Marks
6th Grade   Jehna Handeland
6th Grade   Kiersten Flanagan
6th Grade   Layla Hubler
6th Grade   Marcelo Lopez
6th Grade   Simeon Gordon
6th Grade   Valeria Marin
6th Grade   Victoria Yost
7th Grade   Ashlyn Metcalf
7th Grade   Cali Hernandez
7th Grade   Harriett Lee
7th Grade   Jacob Gomez
7th Grade   Sariah Turner
7th Grade   Taylor Minton
7th Grade   Yasmin Allen
8th Grade   Abigail Turner
8th Grade   Matthew Devasto
9th Grade   Emma Brightman
10th Grade  Zion Council
11th Grade  Brielle Singh
11th Grade  Gabrielle Fera
12th Grade  Devonny Aikens
12th Grade  Miranda Alvarez
12th Grade  Nylette Aguirre
12th Grade  Randey Paugh


AB Honor Roll

1st Grade    Annabella Medrano
1st Grade    Brinley Izzo
1st Grade    Donovan Burke
1st Grade    Drew Paroline
1st Grade    Dylan Komives
1st Grade    Isabella Munoz
1st Grade    Joshua McDowell
1st Grade    Juliana Peoples
1st Grade    Lucia Collins
1st Grade    Melanie Place
1st Grade    Solomon Cox
1st Grade    Zoe Williams
1st Grade    Zoey Johnson
2nd Grade    Cameron Garber
2nd Grade    Camille Hesketh
2nd Grade    Jayden Gomez
2nd Grade    Shelby Downing
2nd Grade    Tyson Rice
2nd Grade    Zaiden Gonzalez
3rd Grade    Abigail Bennett
3rd Grade    Aviana Holyszko
3rd Grade    Colin Greene
3rd Grade    David Howard
3rd Grade    Elisha Waisanen
3rd Grade    Hailey Kafka
3rd Grade    Hannah Mauco
3rd Grade    Ja'niya Poole
3rd Grade    Katemarie Perry
3rd Grade    Ma'Kayla Christian
3rd Grade    Paolo Martinez
3rd Grade    Yalinette Jimenez
4th Grade    Ann Bennett
4th Grade    Ariana Arroyo
4th Grade    Avantika Jaiswal
4th Grade    Braylin Jones
4th Grade    Chloe Barber
4th Grade    Corban Harvey
4th Grade    Ethan Kitchen
4th Grade    Gabriella Reese
4th Grade    Grady Worthington
4th Grade    Jacob Hellender
4th Grade    Jamie Keiser
4th Grade    Jeremy Myers
4th Grade    Luke Haynes
4th Grade    Preston Fletcher
4th Grade    Sydney Alford
4th Grade    Zadiel Vientos
5th Grade    Alondra Pagan
5th Grade    Annalise Spicer
5th Grade    Carter Piatt
5th Grade    Destiny Croker
5th Grade    Jordanah Trujillo
5th Grade    Kathryn Del Rio
5th Grade    Lorelei Wheaton
5th Grade    Lucius Layton
5th Grade    Natalie Irizarry
5th Grade    Nathan Radford
5th Grade    Sadie Marquette
5th Grade    Samantha McGill
5th Grade    Sarah Jones
5th Grade    Skyanne Moore
6th Grade    Amrin Hicks
6th Grade    Anthony Llanos
6th Grade    Aubrey Gibson
6th Grade    Carli Combs
6th Grade    Chase Tiansay
6th Grade    Chelsea Wilkins
6th Grade    Emma DeVasto
6th Grade    Gracie Downing
6th Grade    Isaiah Bachie
6th Grade    Jonah Brunner
6th Grade    Kylie Moses
6th Grade    Maurice Wong
6th Grade    Roman Miller
6th Grade    Sarah Teel
6th Grade    Vivia Martinez
7th Grade    Alexa Collins
7th Grade    Alisse Ortega
7th Grade    Autumn Hickam
7th Grade    Benjamin Lachance
7th Grade    Desiree Mann
7th Grade    Hadessah Trujillo
7th Grade    Isabella Jakab
7th Grade    Jacqueline Andrekovich
7th Grade    Jonah Heilig
7th Grade    Justin Pineiro
7th Grade    Luke Kelly
7th Grade    Madison Gellner
7th Grade    Malachi Mattox
7th Grade    Noah Kushner
7th Grade    Noah Miller
7th Grade    Serenity Gordon
7th Grade    Spencer Payne
7th Grade    Stella Lagos
7th Grade    Sydney Spence
7th Grade    Trinity Arroyo
8th Grade    Allison Hickam
8th Grade    Celeste Soliz
8th Grade    Gideon Lindsey
8th Grade    Isabella Sciortino
8th Grade    Jose Villabon
8th Grade    Kaori Moffett
8th Grade    Kayleen Diaz
8th Grade    Leilani Fry
8th Grade    Mackenzie Hiner
8th Grade    Ziv Layton
9th Grade    Alaira Sweeney
9th Grade    Avery Kinkopf
9th Grade    Baysia Layton
9th Grade    David Rodriguez
9th Grade    Dominic Downer
9th Grade    Marina Sanchez
10th Grade    Alexander Marrero-Velasquez
10th Grade    Andrew Van Tilborgh
10th Grade    Emma Rost
10th Grade    Jaiden Fisher
10th Grade    Jonas Caglin
10th Grade    Madeline Lachance
10th Grade    Maria Greciano
10th Grade    Morgan Polozola
10th Grade    Natalia Pacione
10th Grade    Noah Alsamman
11th Grade    Alyssa Kinkopf
11th Grade    Chase Dunscomb
11th Grade    Elyse Bourgoin
11th Grade    Esther Nyalani-Crosson
11th Grade    Grace Perez
11th Grade    Kathryn Robbins
11th Grade    Krista Speciale
11th Grade    Matthew Tiansay
12th Grade    Alexis Vickers
12th Grade    George Ortega
12th Grade    Jade Morrison
12th Grade    Laura Wick
12th Grade    Maria Villabon
12th Grade    Michael Patitucci
12th Grade    Rebecca Segarra